Ramadan is the time when all heads bow down in the name of Allah and not just the Muslim community but the entire world witnesses the bliss that comes along with it. It is celebrated by the Muslim community when the moon unveils itself in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar.

Muslims all around the world follow Allah's word and practice fasting for the entire month of Ramadan, taking only 2 small meals, one before the sun rises namely Suhoor, and one after the sun sets called iftar. Nothing else passes through a Muslim's throat in the month of Ramadan.

It is a month dedicated to sharing the suffering of the unprivileged and putting a smile on your fellows, family, and neighbors.

As we pour ourselves in the sacred name of Allah, we must not forget that one of Allah's messages was that the world is a big family and all must care about each other. We must not forget our brothers and sisters who reside in Afghanistan, a place where many people still struggle for essentials like food, water, and shelter. Don't you think Sending gifts to Afghanistan and the people who inhabit it will make their month of Ramadan a little happier? If you agree with me and are willing to send a special gift to Afghanistan, read on because I will tell you how you can exactly do that and share your love with Afghanistan.

Gifting During the month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan offers us an opportunity to wash our sins off and replenish ourselves by sharing a piece of our happiness with those around us, this simple act eventually brings us a little closer to the Almighty Allah who knows all and loads the believers with much more happiness and prosperity than they put out.

Fasting or in Urdu "Siyam" is a holy practice that helps us in understanding what poor and needy feels like when the food is scarce. 

When a Muslim goes through Ramadan, He/She understands and a feeling of generosity erupts from the depths of the heart. Hence, it is a ritual to give and share what Allah has bestowed upon you with your community in the month of Ramadan. 

Afghanistan is one of the largest communities of Muslims and deserves the same love from their friends and family that lives beyond the Afghan boundaries. If you are someone who is seeking ways of sending gifts to Afghanistan, we might be a promising option for you. We have an online store that allows people all around the world to send gifts to Afghanistan to their loved ones in the form of Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, and Personalized cards.

Here's How easy Sending gifts to Afghanistan is

Our Online Gifting Store, www.giftstokabul.com believes that in such unprecedented times when travel is restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the best way to reach your special ones in Afghanistan is by sending them gifts. We offer flowers, cakes, chocolates, greeting cards, and many other items that can help you share the goodness of Ramadan at the touch of a button.

All you need to do is choose what you want to send and place an order. We'll take care of everything from preparing to packaging and add a lovely personal touch from your side. We firmly believe that money can't buy love and that's the reason why we provide all these beautiful gifts at a very affordable price range.

Sending gifts to Afghanistan just got easier, don't wait anymore and place your first place order.

Why your gifts matter

Gifting and Charity have always been at the core of being a Muslim and there's no better time than the sacred month of Ramadan when the Divinity of Allah bestows upon us the most making the atmosphere spiritually pure. In fact, it is proposed by Allah that every Muslim must donate a small amount of his/her income to the ones who need it the most.

Now, Afghanistan has its fair share of problems and hardships it continues to endure. Your small token of care as a box of chocolates or bouquet full of flowers might ease their pain and give them something they can be thankful about.

Let those Afghani souls dear to Allah know that there's someone who cares for them and doesn't want them to feel sad on this Ramadan. 

Join us on our little endeavor of sharing love, peace, and tranquility and help us make the world of Allah a better place for everyone who calls it home by sending gifts to Afghanistan.

God loves those who love everyone around them regardless of caste, color, race, or nationality. It's your chance to shine in the all-seeing eyes of Almighty and show gratitude for what you have received.

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