The Difficulty of Sending Gifts to Afghanistan:

The Difficulty of Sending Gifts to Afghanistan:


Giving gifts to friends, family or colleagues is a worldwide custom. People give gifts on different occasions like birthdays, festivals and many more reasons. People like to give gifts and surprise their loved ones. It gives pleasure when someone receives a gift even when someone is not expecting such a wonderful surprise. It is easy to do send gifts in developing and developed countries but it is a very difficult task for Afghanistan to send gifts. Due to digitalization and technology world became a global village now we have friends and family around the globe, a few years ago it seems very difficult to send a courier to other countries but due to the latest technology and latest courier services it becomes very easy to send gifts to the different countries, in addition there large services available which send gifts as per your requirement nationally as well internationally, still it is very difficult to send gifts to Afghanistan. There are many reasons to face these difficulties. Due to these reasons, there are very limited services are available which people can choose to send gifts to their friends, relatives, and colleagues. As a few services are available to deliver, and the companies sell their products and services at high rates.

Political instability is a major factor due to which there are very limited services are available. Afghanistan's political instability not only disturbs its image in front of the world but it also creates fewer business opportunities and results in people of Afghanistan facing many difficulties. For example, if someone wants to share his love through sending gifts so he will be unable to find service.           

The civil war also proves as a result of less development in the country.


According to the requirement and supply gap, takes initiative to facilitate its customers to send gifts. is an online service to send gifts to Afghanistan. There are different occasions when you wish to send gifts, some occasions are formal and some are informal. allows you to send your gifts whether it is formal or an informal occasion, you just have to select which gift is best for you among the various choices.  

Do you contemplate whether it's proper to give a customer or somebody at the workplace a blessing in the form of a gift, and assuming this is the case, what would be a good idea for you to give a gift? There are a few things you need to consider before you settle on your choice, remembering your relationships nature and organization's strategy for this. Regardless of whether this is a professional thank you to a customer or a saying thank you to the chief, it's fundamental to keep up business decorum consistently. assists you as per your requirement and makes it easy for you to decide according to the need which you are looking for. 

Following are a few occasion when you should share your love by sharing gifts through  

  • Birthdays 
  • Festivals
  • Special Occasions (Wedding, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Formal Occasions (start and at the end of the project, promotion, application, acquiring new client)          

Placing Order

 It is operating in three simple steps

While placing your order is very simple and easy, you only have to follow two trouble-free steps:

1- First Step:

Initially, you have to decide on the choice of gift, you can browse our extensive catalogue of gifts such as flowers, cakes, greeting cards, personalized gifts, which suit your particular occasion. Once you select a gift on, you can choose to write a note or you can add it to the cart or you can check out immediately.

2- Second Step:

Selection of Location: At the time of checkout, you have to select the location in which city or area you want to parcel your gift. Remember that shipping address is the address of the recipient of the gifts and shipping address is the address of your credit card.

An outline of which category provide you while selecting gifts for your loved ones or professional colleague. 

  • Customized Holiday Gifts 
  • New Year Present
  • International Day’s (i.e. woman day, mother day, father day) 
  • Corporate Gifts 
  • Flowers
  • Cakes


Digitalization makes our world a global village where we can share our emotions feelings with a person who is far away from us but still, we can surprise them by sending gifts. It is difficult in Afghanistan because of political instability, civil war, etc. However, now this difficulty going to end because offers its services for sending gifts in Afghanistan with 24/7 customer service, next day delivery, and free shipping. It offers many options which you can select and get advantages of its services. 

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